Below you will find a list of basic questions that we are commonly asked. If you have a question for our staff that you do not see outlined below, please feel free to contact us.

How do you price your Embroidery?

Pricing is determined by the number of garments ordered and the amount of stitches embroidered on those garments. Once your logo or design is reviewed by our staff, we will give you a FREE QUOTE for your project.

Keeping our motto, "No job is too big or too small", we do not limit our customers to orders of large quantities. We will embroider your design on any number of garments—from 1 to 5,000 pieces. Additionally, we realize that new employees join companies and new members join a team or an organization. Although your initial order may be for multiple garments, a few or even single garments can be reordered.

What types of fonts can you use on your embroidered pieces?

Glad you asked! Below are some samples of the types of fonts we use here.

I do not have any artwork to supply you with. Do you have stock artwork we can pick from?

We sure do! We have a wide range of stock art (ex: eagle, truck, tree, etc.) on file. Designs may be purchased from our catalog starting at $25. We can add text to the stock artwork to personalize it just for you. Call us at 412-381-6884 for a free quote.

I only have my company logo saved as a jpeg, how does this get turned into a stitchable logo?

The process of turning a logo into a logo ready for embroidery is called digitizing. Any logo can be digitized. Costs start at $20, and vary greatly depending on how large the logo is.

I viewed your online catalog, but did not see anything I liked

The items within the catalog are only a small sampling of the apparel we are able to order. Please give us a call at 412-381-6884 if you had a specific piece of clothing in mind.

How long does it take for you to complete an order?

Typical turn around time is approximately two weeks. We are able to do rush orders for a small fee.

Why should we use Embroidery Etc. as opposed to another apparel company?

Two main reasons; Attention to detail and our 14 years of experience. Every single piece that we create gets inspected by hand before leaving our shop.

How much do you charge to quote an order?

Zero dollars! All estimates/quotes are free. Just give us a call at 412-381-6884, or shoot us an email.